About Christy Peterson

Licensed Esthetician & Permanent Makeup Artist

I have been obsessed with Skin and Makeup from and early age! So naturally my passion and career came together when I received my Esthetics License. I’m a Licensed Esthetician & Certified Permanent Makeup Artist with a passion for helping women.  I continue to educate myself on the newest techniques and advances in skincare & product technology. I strive to offer the highest quality products. I’m invested in my client’s health and skincare well being. I wants my clients to have the best experience, while receiving customized treatments with visible results. I provide a calming, soothing atmosphere, with a results driven approach. My focus is on Anti-Aging and Acne treatments as well as treatments for sensitive skin types such as Rosacea. I will work together with you to come up with a treatment and homecare plan that fits your lifestyle & skincare needs in a relaxing, peaceful and beautiful environment.

I'm also a  Certified Permanent Makeup Artist with a focus on Microblading and Powder/Combo Brows, Eyelash Enhancement/Liner, Lips and 3D Areola Artistry. Advanced training in Hairstroke Brows, Powder brows, and Lip Enhancement taken with  many different Master Trainers. I have been offering Permanent makeup since 2016. Some of my Advanced Trainings include, Daria Chuprys Microblading Techniques. Other Specialty Techniques include: Smoky Eyelash Enhancement®, a beautiful Permanent Eyeliner technique that gives a soft smokey finish, Trained by Will Anthony @ Will Anthony Cosmetics.  Advanced Microstroking Technique Under Daria Chuprys. Training under Master Trainer Andrea Toth in Powder Brow, Winged Eyeliner & Full Lips/Ombre Lips. Stardust Eyebrow, Eyeshadow, and Stardust Lips & Brow Techniques taught by Kristina Melnicenco. Trained in Ombre' Brows by World renowned Rusen Donmez. I continue to take advance training whether online or in person to keep my skills up to date and learn from various trainers. You never stop learning!!!

Certified Using several different techniques I can help bring your brows to their full potential, and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, and your lips using Permanent Makeup. Wakeup to makeup! I’m so excited to offer beautiful options for my clients!

I’m married to an amazing supportive husband. We have two amazing children, and I enjoy spending time with them on my off time.

My Sweet Little Family!!!!

My Sweet Little Family!!!!


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